Goldman Sachs – is the entry into the crypto market imminent?

The US investment bank Goldman Sachs ventures into the crypto space and examines digital securities, as the portal The Block reports.

As reported by the portal The Block , the US investment bank Goldman Sachs has launched a request for information (RFI)

With this, the bank wants to check the possibilities of digital securities. An internal source told the portal, but wanted to remain anonymous. Accordingly, the bank started the first talks with potential partners for the venture back in December last year.

Similar to JPMorgan, we issued a request for information about digital stocks. We research digital securities on a broad front and decide what the next step is said the Goldman Sachs source.

Competitor JPMorgan has been active in the crypto space for some time. In the course of the bank had the JPM Coin from a large technology customer commercially in October last year can be utilized . Takis Georgakopoulos, CEO of JPMorgan, was optimistic at the time:

We believe we are entering a phase of commercialization of these technologies. [It’s a transition] from research and development to something that can become real business.

Goldman Sachs: “Part of a Broad Strategy”

Just last week, the US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency made headlines. Because the OCC gave the crypto bank Anchorage its blessing and made it the first national “digital asset bank” in the USA. The review of digital assets by Goldman Sachs is part of a “broad digital strategy” of the bank, also with regard to developments like this, according to the source.

In the wake of the OCC’s decision, Diogo Mónica, Anchorage boss, said the permit would get many large, risk-averse institutional players on the crypto bandwagon. When asked directly at JPMorgan, Citi and also Goldman Sachs, Mónica said: „We talk to all these people.“