Bitcoin Ordinals Proposal to Unlock On-Chain Video Games and More

• Bitcoin Ordinals have proposed “recursive inscriptions” to increase storage and on-chain video games.
• The proposal would allow better customization and use cases for the Bitcoin Ordinals project.
• BRC-721E is used to move Ethereum NFTs to Bitcoin in a seamless manner.

What are Recursive Inscriptions?

Earlier this year, the Ordinals Protocol introduced the ability for anyone to inscribe files fully on-chain onto Bitcoin. These inscriptions are self-contained and unaware of the other files that had been inscribed. With the recursive upgrade, there is now a huge repository of packages for developers to build on top of which unlocks powerful use cases that could never be done in under 4 MB.


The introduction of Ordinals set the grounds for the development of the BRC-20 token standard which has further evolved into BRC-721 and 721E. Unlike BRC-20 which allows fungible token creation, BRC-721, and 721E turned Ethereum’s [ETH] ERC-721 NFTs into tradable assets on Bitcoin. Bob Bodily, CEO of Toniq and leading the development of Ordinals marketplace Bioniq said that, “BRC-721E users meta protocol and smart contracts, which act as sidechains to ensure the seamless movement of Ethereum NFTs to Bitcoin”.


If successful, this proposal could mean increased storage capacity for Ordinals fees allowing developers more freedom in creating applications without worrying about conventional limitations or exceeding 4MB limits. Furthermore, it could also open up new possibilities such as enabling onchain video games or even creating a market for trading Ethereum’s NFTs using Bitcoin’s blockchain technology.


If implemented properly recursive inscriptions would bring many benefits including but not limited to: improved customization options; better use cases; increased storage capacity; ability to create markets for trading Ethereum’s NFTs using Bitcoin’s blockchain technology;and enabling onchain video games with ease without having worry about conventional limitations or exceeding 4MB size limits .


The potential advantages from recursive inscriptions can be seen as a major step forward in expanding practical use cases developed around bitcoin ordinals protocol while unlocking powerful new opportunities within its infrastructure . This will help pave way for more complex applications built upon it and provide users with more robust features that were previously not possible before . It remains yet to be seen whether this latest proposal will be successful but if so , it could certainly revolutionize how bitcoin works in terms of digital asset transfers between blockchains .


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