Bitcoin Breaks $30K, Profit-Taking & Exchange Exodus Follows

• Bitcoin’s price breached the $30,000 barrier, triggering a surge in profit-taking.
• Profit-taking was driven by long-term holders, guided by diverse MVRV margins.
• An unexpected exodus from exchanges hinted at holders‘ strategic moves.

Bitcoin Breaches $30k

Bitcoin recently crossed the psychological barrier of $30,000 for the first time, leading to an increase in profit-taking among certain holders. This activity marked the highest level seen in nearly a month and was primarily driven by long-term holders.

MVRV Margins Trigger Profit Taking

Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) ratios across various periods provided insights into why long-term holders were able to capitalize on the rising price. The 30-day MVRV showed that any sales would yield a mere 0.3% profit while the 60 and 90 day MVRVs yielded 2% and 3.7% respectively. The 180-day MVRV indicated that long-term holders emerged as the largest beneficiaries of this surge in Bitcoin’s price.

Profit Taking Subsides

The intensity of profit taking has since subsided with daily on chain transaction volume in profits dropping to 1.5%. Additionally, an exodus of Bitcoin from exchanges hints at strategic moves taken by certain holders.

MVRV’s Impact on Price Movement

The impact of MVRVs cannot be understated when it comes to understanding how different holding periods can affect the flow and movement of Bitcoin’s price over time. It appears that those who held onto their coins for longer periods are reaping larger rewards as compared to those who sold more quickly following Bitcoin’s recent breakthrough above $30,000 per coin.


In conclusion, Bitcoin’s breach of $30K has triggered significant profit taking among certain holders and an exodus from exchanges which could hint at strategic moves being taken by some investors looking to capitalize on these gains or hold onto their assets for greater returns down the line


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